How news articles have changed modern history?

Sadly, we have come to live in a world where the credibility of the stories we hear on the news are

questionable. Our media outlets have taken to commercializing the news, rather than conveying the truth. Recent history is littered with half-truths and fiercely disputed news articles that have had a global impact, despite their implausibility. The following two incidences are news headlines that rocked the world on its axis despite their controversial nuances that are still hot topics to date.

The Ebola outbreak.

The Ebola outbreak of 2014 was one that almost sent the whole world into a frenzied state of panic. Very few people actually understood the severity of the infection. Ebola's effects had either been blown out of proportion, with some saying that it had a 100 % casualty rate and that it killed its victims in hours, or simply waved away as a mutated form of the common flu that originated from fruit bats in tropical regions.

Although to some extent there was some truth to these miscalculated assumptions, they were only

half-baked attempts at understanding the virus. A few major news outlets in America even began to blatantly stir fear in order to get higher ratings. Before CDC officials and science journalists stepped in to curb this massive misinformation of the public, numerous threads about the Ebola virus had been spun, most of which carried certain racial undertones, all in the name of gaining popularity.

Malaysia airlines flight 370.

The mystery behind the disappearance of an entire passenger airplane with 239 people on board in 2014 remains just that, a mystery. No traces of the aircraft's wreckage had been found until in 2015 where a piece of debris from the aircraft washed ashore upon Reunion Island. True to form, news articles did not waste time fabricating stories that bumped-up their ratings. From speculation of hijacking to faulty satellite data relayed to the investigators, no clear cut answer has emerged to date as of how the aircraft managed to literally disappear into thin air.

In a world where even influential opinions can be considered facts, history can be altered by the simple act of not looking for facts.