How much truth is included in news?

Truth hurts. That is one principle that most news channels and papers have a direct experience with. Whether it is about news stories being recalled or sidelined in order to hide the truth or presenting doctored news (so as to protect the concerned authorities from any blame or shame), we have seen it all happen repeatedly over the years. So why do news articles often conceal the actual facts and ignore basic evidence, even though they are responsible for upholding the sanctity of truth and justice? The answer lies is power and the ever-continuous greed for more of it.

Take the case of a prestigious academic institution in India, for example. Jawaharlal University in Delhi, India, made international news earlier this year because of videos aired by Zee News TV channel which showcased some 'students' shouting anti-national slogans. lmmediate police action was taken after the videos were aired, and many students were arrested with some being physically abused by the police. But further investigations proved that these videos were actually doctored and none of the students ever displayed anti-national sentiments.

It is not surprising when we see the news agencies acting as the unofficial PR for Government authorities. Sometimes, truth is hidden so as to mislead the masses and keep them ignorant about the wrongdoings of people whom we have voted to power.

News reports hide and sideline anything relevant to the current affairs of the nation and international relations so as to avoid further controversies. Take into consideration the immigration crisis for example. Few months ago, it was finally revealed that thousands of women were molested and even physically raped in Cologne, Germany during New Year's celebration. Most of the perpetrators were young men who had migrated from the Middle East. The news media was manipulated by the political authorities so- to not report this incident because of the fear of flaming anti-immigration policies.

While truth often disrupts current affairs and many fear that it will create a state of anarchy, news media and platforms are interested in hiding the truth in order to not upset the current status-quo. Whether this has a positive or negative impact on society can be judged by studying the socio-economic circumstances that are involved.